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Brake / Rear Turn Signal Replacement (yes, I know it's been discussed before)

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Just upgraded my tail light bulbs to LED.

A couple of tips for those looking to do so:
-it's been stated before that there are two screws holing each taillight fixture in place. While these are easy to remove (after prying off the rubber cover), there are spring loaded clips holding the unit in place as well. I assumed they'd be closer to the front of the car like they were in my Tahoe, but they're actually right next to the two screws. Once I figured this out (and grabbed my small pry bar) it was a breeze to pop it out and swap the bulb.
-as someone else pointed out, it's a bit unnerving trying to pop out the fixture, and I was a little nervous that I'd break it. But patience and persistence won the day.
-there is a BIG difference in output, as you can see in the video below.

My apologies, I'm having technical difficulties embedding the video, but you can see it in my Twitter link above. The video shows one LED and one incandescent rear turn signal reflecting off my garage door.

Side note for those looking to swap out the front turn signals: they ARE very easy to get to after turning the wheels and removing the wheel well liner screws. Would've taken about 3 minutes if I had listened to the advice posted earlier about bulb size. The 7440/7444 DONT work, as they don't seat properly in the harness. 馃が I'm returning them and getting the correct ones.

top are brake lights, bottom are (incorrect) front turn lights, both from Amazon:

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Are the red rear running lights already led, or can they be converted too?
Those are LED already. Just needed to swap out the turn/brake and reverse bulbs.
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