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Bottom trim

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How much you think a body shop would charge to paint all the trim bumper valances to match?
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Itll really depend. Some body shops will want to take them off to paint them and other will want to do it with them on. Honestly, the cheapest I'd think would be $600 to $1k range....
I’m painting them as I type this
Ok...details. what did you use, how did you prep and least of all, final pics and opinions on how it turned Out?

Honestly, I've just thought about trying plastidip. I've use it before and with the right prep it can turn out great. It can have fade over time and just about anything will scratch it off but it's cheap and easy.

Also, talked with a vinyl guy who said a light sanding to smooth out the panel, prep and vinyl to match....Front and rear $300. Not bad but one could do the same in his drive way for $100....and you can amazon all your items.
I just cleaned and used alcohol to wipe the trim. Taped and sprayed trim black a few coats. Came out perfect.
I bought plasti dip as well. But then I thought why would I ever want to peel it off lol. Just tape carefully in the separations of the bumper. Put plastic over the car. Do a few light coats wait till dry. Then spray coats as needed. When I pulled the tape off I had to do like a small touch up on where the tape was on. Over all looks factory. No sanding at all. Paint places say sanding so you get that smooth shine effect but we have plastic trim just spray and your done. My cars dirty so I assure you it all matches lol. Easy 30$ job and patience
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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