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First, I would direct you to your owner's manual to educate yourself on this (I believe it's on or around page 236). There is quite a bit of info in the manual that can help you better understand the LCA (Lane Change Alert) system. I won't go into each factor that can affect the LCA simply because there are many factors. However, the first thing we all need to know is that we need to be sure our LCA button in our "Vehicle Settings" menu is enabled so the LCA can function. It seems yours is enabled because you are saying that it is intermittently alerting you. This doesn't mean it's malfunctioning, but once you've read the part in the owner's manual about the LCA, then you need to think about your personal conditions around you and if any of what the manual says applies to you. Considering the sensors on your bumpers are inputting the feedback to the mirrors, always be sure the sensors are clean and not covered up by road debris. Now, don't mistake the LDA/LKA (Lane Departure Alert/Lane Keep Alert) for the LCA. Those are two different features that rely on feedback from two different places on the vehicle. The LDA/LKA feedback comes from a camera sensor ahead of the rearview mirror on the windshield. To engage that feature, you depress the button on your center console located at the mouse wheel, if applicable.

After you're certain you've done all you can do and still feel there may be an issue, you'll need to take it in and have the dealer look at it. The dealer is going to point you to the manual and make sure you understand the mitigating factors that can affect the LCA, so be prepared to have that conversation. If you can go in there and tell them you have already read the manual about the LCA, and you are aware of all the circumstances that can trigger the LCA for false positives, then you might be able to cut through a bunch of the minutia.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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