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Blazer went dead while moving

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I was stopped at stop light - went to take off and was moving when all of a sudden my blazer died - now lights would start or go into gear - I had it towed to dealership and they’re telling me it’s battery - I find it hard to believe while moving the battery would just kill the car while moving - also prior to this had the power steering assist message come up - anyone else experience either and what did dealer do ? Thanks in advance for help
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Yes, After stopped at traffic light, with Auto Engine Stop on. Took foot off brake and everything died. Towed to dealer and they stated it was battery cable. Had to order the part overnight.
Issue happened at dealer in January 2020. After transmission service I was to pick up vehicle. Service manager called me and said the Instrument battery light was on. Battery was charged, 2 years later Wham! up until 2 months ago all was good!
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