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2021 Blazer on 24” lexani gloss blacks.
The biggest issue was figuring out the LC7i tuning and the damn ANC problem I finally fixed thanks to previous posts I’ve been lurking before I went in.
equipment going in-

LC7i for signal
4 soundqubed HDS3 10’s in a 6 cube box with 8.5inch custom Octoport.
Taramps MD8000
Taramps DS 800.4
DS18 pro audio 6x9, 6x5 and super tweeters
1 lithium battery in rear
2 runs of 0 gauge wire
All sky high car audio wiring and tick tack stuff.
pics incoming of build Im just about finished.
View attachment 1495
Any electrical upgrades up front? How does stock electrical handle the power?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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