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Blazer rust

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Hi new here, I have a white 2020 blazer just washed it up and notice two rust spots on the hatch. I bought the car brand new it only has about 6000 miles on it. Was wondering if anyone else can look at there blazers and see if they have this issue. It has never been in any accident and it’s washed weekly.
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Just as i suspected. So i went in and put a deposit on a 2020 2lt 4cyl awd yesterday. Right before the test drive i opened the trunk and water seemed to be dripping from the bump stop on the lift gate(hatch) passenger side. Having come across these types of issues from project cars i pulled the plug out immediately and sure enough a stream of water accumulated inside started to pour out of the hole. So there is definitely a leak somewhere and rain water is collecting inside which is causing it to rust. It's a quality control issue.

Makes me wonder wtf else i should be ready for with this vehicle. I might just cancel and ask for my deposit back but i like the car a lot. The other one i was considering was the mazda cx5 grand touring reserve with the 2.5t.
Bring it back to the dealer. I would have them give you a new hatch and i would leak test that new one myself.
Once you see a little bit of rust on the outside, the inside will have more especially if that's where it started. You could sand and paint but it'll come right back in a little bit. It's like cancer.
Thanks for the response. I didn’t think about pulling those plugs to see if water drained or not when I wash it again I will do that. I’ve had some bad experiences with the dealer in my area so I have a feeling they will tell me get lost if I take it in.

I took it to a reputable body shop in my area to have it looked at and they said it can be fixed simply without extensive paint work but like you said I worry about it coming back. I do like the blazer a lot which is why I’m buying it but it’s a little unsettling to already be having rust issues.
Pull that plug out to see if anything comes out now then pop it back in place. Why let water pool and sit in there till your next car wash? That's an open invitation for rust to start

And yes i feel this down the road will definitely be a common issue on these cars if not addressed soon enough. It's like how 5th generation maximas for example mostly have rotten quarter panels and radiator supports. For the blazers i see "rotten hatch" threads left and right especially if not addressed soon enough.
that area looks like it hit something on it's closing process....?
I’m not too sure I’m the only one who drives it I know I haven’t hit it on anything. The dealer could have before I bought it. I ended up taking it to a reputable body shop in my area and they were able to sand down and put a little filler with some touch up paint you can’t even tell so all good now.
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