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Black 2020 Blazer 2LT Redline
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We saw many great-looking deals online for new Blazers, but in reality, they are unobtainable because the dealer combined every conceivable rebate — which is impossible to qualify for! So while the online price looks like $10K off MSRP, in reality it’s around $4,200 (what the average person qualifies for). Even Chevy says 12% off all Blazers for a limited time. We heard all sorts of excuses from individual dealers as to why this wasn’t possible.

We got additional money off by walking away, having lunch, and continuing the negotiation via email after the dealership thought they had lost our business. It also helped that they knew we were considering a similarly spec’d vehicle at a competing dealership. In the end we purchased:

2020 2LT V6 AWD
Redline Edition
Convenience & Driver Confidence Package
Interior Luxury Package

-$4,200 in rebates
-$4,982 additional negotiated

$32,098 selling price, + tax, title, license, doc fee.

We dealt with typical dealership games. Initial “offer” way too high, including tons of dealer add-ins we didn’t request, stalling, excuses, high interest rate loans. In the end we feel like $32K is fair ... especially for V6 AWD. Quite honestly, glad to be done searching, visiting dealerships, etc. It can be exhausting.
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