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I don't have a video, but I do know the general method used to remove and install trim badges on newer vehicles that use adhesive-based badges. The general process goes like this:
1) spot wash clean with soap and water. Then dry thoroughly.
2) mask off the area around the trim badge to use as a reference when lining up the new piece.
3) use fishing wire to cut through the adhesive that joins the trim to the body panel of the vehicle. I generally like to start on each corner and work my way towards a central point rather than just sweeping from one side to the other all in one pass. A little patience goes a long way in this step. (what you could also use at this point to help ease removal is a hair dryer or heat gun to warm/soften the adhesive so that the fishing wire will cut through much more easily.)
4) once the trim piece is off, use a safe adhesive removal to get off the rest of the adhesive left from the old badge. I personally like to use Goo Gone because it works great and wont damage your clear coat. DO NOT use acetone or any acetone-based fluid as it will eat away at your paint. Again, a little patience with the Goo Gone goes a long way with this step.
5)once you have all the adhesive removed, clean the surface with some diluted isopropyl alcohol (4:1 dilution should be fine).
6) Align the new badge within the previously masked area and remove all the masking tape.
7) ideally, you should wait 24 hours before driving the car to allow the badges to fully cure and adhere to the vehicle but I would think the drying time would be significantly less for a smaller trim piece. Check the instructions to see what they recommend before driving the vehicle back on the road again.

Hope this helps!
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