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Better tires !!!

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My 235/55/20 tires that came from factory suck !!! What better tire ?
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We need more details as to why you think that before we can help determine what might be better for you at this time.

Suck how? Driving style/conditions? Have issues in the wet, or only in the dry, or consistently both? Where do you normally drive, pavement or gravel?

There's a ton of missing information here that, until is provided, there's nothing we can suggest as a 'better' tire for you.
Mine have the Michelin 235/55/20 from factory and it already needs replacement after 34,000 miles on them . I wonder if I could Do a 255/55/20 perelli tires ??
So, they're needing replaced because of mileage/wear, got it. Personally, I wouldn't go up to a 255 tire, but that's just me because it could throw off the speedo because of the size increase.

That said, my mom has had good luck with the Pirelli Scorpions on her Explorer Sport and put a 2nd set on it about 20k miles ago as well. It's a decent tire for what it is, though from personal experience, it's comparable to the Michelin's that come on these stock as well.
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