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Better tires !!!

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My 235/55/20 tires that came from factory suck !!! What better tire ?
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Mine have the Michelin 235/55/20 from factory and it already needs replacement after 34,000 miles on them . I wonder if I could Do a 255/55/20 perelli tires ??
I only do drive on pavement . I need a hood all season tires . During winter she kept going left and right . Like sliding and I was driving super slow : felt like a fish whipping that tail
I had perelli son my other rides and not bad and also Michelins not bad neither . Need something that works great for summer and snow ❄. Might just stick to a 235/55/20 been wanting to change wheels but nothing good out there for Blazerina
There is a bulletin on the Michelin tires my dealer pointed out to me might want to check it out, GM Service Bulletin #19-NA-078
Damn it just now getting Yokohama installed !! Which I seen this earlier
I have the Continental LX Sport tires on mine and hate them. Not good wet performance, car slides to much on curves. I am talking with my dealer now, they are seeing if I can get them replaced with something different. Waiting to hear from GM.
These Yokohama tires made a big ass difference !!! Smooth ride !! My wife even said so
1 - 7 of 14 Posts