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Automatic Brights/High Beams

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Anyone like them? Or do they annoy you?

I like the idea but sometimes when driving they go on and off too much. Today I was driving to work in the dark and got behind a van that did not have his lights on or his taillights were burnt out so the high beams were flashing on and off repeatedly which pissed him off. So much in fact that he slowed down and when the lanes opened up he got next to me and rolled down the window and flipped me off and was yelling at me at the next stop light. I tried to tell him that the high beams are automatic and since he did not have his taillights on when it was dark out the car kept turning the high beams on and off. All I got was a big F#ck You.

I might end up turning that feature off too like I did with the automatic tilt mirrors. They seem to be more of an annoyance than a convenience.
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We finally found a button to press on the turn signal arm. It has the high beams symbol w letter A Had the same issue driving in dark in fog.
Thank you. Finally found it, too! Simple, once you know about it.
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