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Auto stop start not working

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Purchased a new to me 2020 Blazer RS recently. Love it but noticed the auto stop start did not work. Not a big deal to me but thought hey its under warranty for a month so took it in. Here I am on day 3 and they have no clue. Finally gm tech support told them to run a load test on the battery. Hmm...im not a mechanic but thats what comes up on Google searches..and, the battery failed. Ok they will install the battery but need it the third day because they can't get a battery installed in 3.5 hours. I think the dealer is messing with me...
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No one has paid that much for a disabler you plug into your OBD2 port to disable the Stop/Start feature, or the AFM system. You can purchase a disabler from Range Technology for Start/Stop only for $224.00 before tax. However, I talked to Range a few months ago about their Start/Stop and AFM Disablers and they said they had not tested them on these new Blazers, so they can't warranty them.

I purchased a GTMOTOR AFM Disabler from Amazon and have had it for a few months now working perfectly. It runs $115.00 before tax. If anyone spent $500.00 or more for these disablers, then you got ripped off. I don't think these disablers, for either system, work on a 2019. Do your homework before purchasing, but it works as advertised on my 2022.

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