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An update as to what they found. The dealer believed it to be an issue with temperatures below 40 degrees based on a service bulletin they had. They couldn't replicate it so told me to bring it back as it was happening. We went on a trip to NC and it was in the 20s and 30s and it did it every time the cat went into auto stop. Constantly! Got back to FL and it was intermittent for a few days. One morning in the 30s it did it several times in an hour span so I drove straight to the dealer. They were able to replicate it and run the code. Turns out it was a bad cell in the battery. They replaced the battery, under warranty, and haven't had the problem since! We had several days since in the 30s, even upper 20s, and no issue.
This is exactly what happened to my ‘19 as well! Every time it would auto stop. It was below 40 as well. I was starting to get nervous but since it has warmed up I haven’t got the alert. I will definitely run a battery check soon. Thank you for your insight!!
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