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Unable to manually shift into 1st gear when stopped?
I pulled out of the garage and shifted the RS into sport,then attempted to get into first. Couldn’t get it. Then went through AWD then FWD. Still couldn’t get it. Drove for an hour on the highway, stopped at a store came out and first was there to be had. Crazy.
Even more crazy is unless I had the climate control turned all the way to low it was like 75 in the car. After driving on low on both sides for half hour I turned it up to 62 then 63. Then 64. 64 seemed about 68. Which is where I left it to keep the windows from fogging up.
Two gremlins. Happy holidays!
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I dont think this has true manual control. It has L gear which allows you to limit upshifting in poor traction or in hilly terrain. GM isn't putting true manual control on many vehicles that aren't sports sedans or coupes.
WTF? Yes you can manually shift when the shifter is in low. Every single vehicle with paddle or button shifters enables you to manually shift the vehicle.
Whether the vehicle responds to the manual shifting falls into the safety parameters engineered in.
When I’m in manual mode and stopped I should,and have in the past been able to shift into first. If I can’t replicate it there will be no reason to take it to the dealer. Unable to verify solves nothing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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