One of the major complaints of the new Blazer is the poor headlights. Unfortunately it's difficult or not even possible with some models to upgrade them. To help combat this issue, I've figured out a way to keep the DRL from dimming when the headlights are on. By default, the DRL strips will "DIM" when the headlights are active. Keeping them at the brighter level at night surprisingly adds quite a bit of light, almost as if equipped with fog lights!

Installation is as simple as opening the hood, unplugging the factory plug from the DRL lights and inserting the adapter in-between the plug and the DRL light. There’s no splicing, no wiring and I've managed to get the exact same high quality plugs as Chevy uses stock. If you can open your hood, you can install these.

In testing it was found that a cool side effect was produced from the adapters. I wanted to let everyone make their own decisions. By default, the side marker lights (by the wheel) and the tail lights come on all the time when the DRL lights are active, rather than just when the headlights (and remote start) are on due to the way the adapters are wired. Personally, the more lights the better!. It is the whole reason for DRL lights in the first place. I have come up with a 2nd version of the adapters that prevent this. Please let me know which ones you prefer and I'll ship those. There are 2 pictures that show the differences.

The first 5 sets are ready to ship and more next week! I'm selling these for $60 for the set (which includes 2 adapters), shipped. I'm keeping these as low cost as I can to provide some great addons to the Blazer community! Send me a message if you're interested or see the eBay listing below!

I've listed them on eBay. You can find it here:

2019+ Chevy Blazer DRL Upgrade Adapters - Eliminate the dimming!