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All Weather Floor Liners

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I’m comparing the Chevrolet Floor Liners to the Weather Tech floor liners. Has anyone picked one over the other and why?
I also found out that the 2017+ GMC Acadia Floor Liners are also the same as the Blazer. Woohoo
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Previous vehicle was an Equinox and had WeatherTech in the front, rear and cargo area. Had experienced some seeping of winter salt/slush onto the carpet and into the console, mostly in the front where feet are more often than the back. Also did not completely cover the driver’s left foot rest. Due to neuropathy in my feet, I constantly move my feet around while driving.

Purchased a 2020 Blazer 3LT back in June. This time decided to go with the Chevy cargo area solution. It covers the floor and the back of the seats right up to the head rests. Cool design. Pictured in previous post above.

For the front and rear I went with Tuxmat. Completely different design and material than WeatherTech, which includes much better coverage than the liners I had in the Equinox. I could never get the WeatherTechs completely clean even with a pressure washer. The Tuxmat quickly clean up from summer and fall dirt with a vacuum and a damp cloth without even having remove them, and look brand new. Happy with them so far, but will have to wait until spring cleaning (no garage) to see the impact on the carpet and removal of winter grime from the mats. Living in Montreal we can have some good snow falls, and road salt gets spread around pretty liberally here.
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