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2019 blazer RS with 20k Miles. 3 days ago, the check engine light came on, car wouldn’t come out of 1st gear, service parking brake light popped up, service traction control light, and then random low fuel alert when there was over 1/2 tank of gas. I let the car sit for an hour, took it around the block and it came out of 1st gear but all the warning lights remained. Then today, check engine light is gone and no other alerts are present. It’s going to the dealership on Monday, but it’s super frustrating. Anyone else experienced anything like this?
Same thing 2019 blazer with 20k miles it was driving fine before work but the only thing was the ac was working but all the lights on it were not on and i couldn’t adjust it. then when I got off it showed a p symbol with a rench and then i went home and then tried to drive it again and all the lights were on and the power steering was literlly turned off so i turned it off and back on and it didn’t even start. Then it ended up starting and now it’s fine, but it does this every once in a while these last 2 days and i’m not sure why.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts