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Hello everyone. I just had to ask.
1. After installing a K&N filter it shifts smoother?
2. After installing a K&N filter it rides smoother?
3. After installing K&N filter it is faster?
So GM is so bad at designing that their air filter screws up the shifting of the transmission, makes the ride worse, and slower. Maybe I should avoid chevy altogether....
no difference really. get more are, might bump the hp/trq up by 1 or 2. about it.
common misconception on air filters. it's a filter, it's not gonna make a lick of difference in tranny or suspension.
and faster, definitely not. an air filter does not make any vehicle faster. in fact no upgrade does. not a matter of going faster, but getting to target speed faster. doesn't mean the vehicle is faster. as it is, blazer is fast enough, stock she'll get up over 210kms/hr. (for the sake of rules, i am not admitting to having the blazer up that fast......)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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