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My adaptive cruised stopped work on my 2020 RS and the dealer had to order parts, unfortunately on back order and there is no ETA on when they will come in stock.

The parts, number 84836174 Sensor 3.887, 6620180 Long Range Radar Module, 13540603 Sensor 5.890

The note on the service receipt says…

“Long range radar module behind front bumper, forward range radar sensor has no communication with BCM”

Manual cruise still works with a long press to the button. It sucks though I got so used to using adaptive cruise and it’s disappointing that I only have 15k miles on it.

On the plus side they manually forced an update to the radio module and it increased the subwoofer response and adjusted the crossover of the rear speakers, I can actually hear the rear speakers now. Before the update the rear speakers seemed non existent!
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