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See this thread: Active Fuel Management Shudder
My Blazer does the same. Except that I would describe the noise as low chattering, not rattling.
Interesting, seems like it might be an actual thing on the earlier Blazer setup. There’s a lot of chatter on the Silverado forums as well as anything else that’s used AFM about how it causes all sorts of running issues, maintenance problems, kills puppies, etc. but no actual issues the latest iterations actually do anything bad. But if anyone says they have ANY issues with their vehicle, like a door not closing right, everyone screams AFM!!!! That’s one reason I barely look at those forums anymore.

Honestly, I’ve seen the V4 symbol maybe 3 times now in just over 2 months with the Blazer so I’m not even sure it really is doing much in the 2021s. I can make the V4 kick in easily on my Silverado, it does it all the time, and there’s a definite mild “jerk” as it turns on and off but it’s very seamless and I can get 21 mpg on the highway very repeatably if I stay under 75mph. So I’d say it’s doing it’s job, 72.000 miles on that truck and runs like a top; my Blazer still isn’t averaging over 22mpg on the same roads, the same trip at the same speeds, kinda disappointed in that.
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