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4 cylinder aftermarket?

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I’ve had my 22’ for about a month now and haven’t really been able to find anything in the aftermarket for it, mostly cause it’s the 4 cylinder (I’m guessing) but was wondering if maybe I’m missing something. Is it just too new of a vehicle/engine combo, or am I just not searching the right phrases/manufacturers for traditional GM aftermarket?
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Anyone have any suggestions on companies to start looking at or reaching out to and asking if they’re making anything for this thing?
Is there really just no performance market for these yet?
Has anyone found anything for these that I might be missing? So far, I’ve found a drop-in air filter (aFe) and I think I saw some lowering springs the other day, but the brand name is escaping me right now. Is there nothing else? Or is this either too new, or undesirable, a platform for there to be any upgrades for it? Are there other models from GM that might have parts available that would work on it?
At this point, I'll just start reaching out to companies to see if they're gonna even make stuff for this thing. If not, then I'll see what I can come up with on my own that'll work. Already looking at a custom exhaust based around a few different types of mufflers for an axle back setup.
So far, it's been a disappointment. I've either gotten no response from companies after having reached out about future plans/parts, or gotten flat-out 'No's' from those that have bothered to respond.
I'm honestly disappointed in the lack of support for this platform, especially with the 2.0 Turbo. I get it's a family hauler with the smaller motor, but I've reached out to a lot of places about getting parts and have been told it's not in the works and it's shame.
I've officially been given the response by a lot of big aftermarket parts companies that there's not enough demand for any of them to make parts for this platform given that it is an SUV and a platform type that most of the people that buy it have no interest in modding. While I understand it, I'm still very disappointed to say the least though.
Agreed! I have had same response. In particular suspension, lowering springs, strut bracket, performance shocks. Very interested in SS but don’t have the money.
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