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22in Vossen HF6-1 with Pirelli Pzero sport tyres FOR SALE!!!

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Hi forum,

I am looking to sell my 22in Vossens with Pirelli Pzero sport tyres that i had on my HOT RED 2019 Blazer RS AWD. These wheels make the blazer look awesome. They stick out the perfect amount so you dont need spacers. You will see in the attached pics. The Vossens are a custom matte black finish so they cost a couple hundred $ more than the standard finish. The wheels are in perfect condition with no rim rash or any damage. i only drove with them on for about 4,000 miles. i took them off because the weather is starting to get colder up in New York and dont want them to get damaged with icy snow or salt later on. I'm going to be looking for something different next summer.

I paid about $4800 for everything that includes: Rims, Tyres, lug nuts,bolts, and lock.
Vossen-HF6-MB-2295-6x120.30 - $774per rim total-$3,096
P ZERO - SIZE: 265/40R22- $349per tyre total-$1396
lugs and sales tax were about $350

I am looking for $3500obo for full set of Rims and Tyres. LUGS NOT INCLUDED(because i love how the black lugs look on the blazer hehe) but you can get them from the vossen website for about $190. I will deliver FREE anywhere in the NY/NJ/CT area(Maybe PA depending how far) by truck. If you have anymore Questions or want more pics feel free to PM me or reply to this thread. Thanks


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OMG those rims look so perfect on the Blazer...
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