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I know this may not be a popular comment, but the Blazer is not a rig that is in high demand. The issues getting a Blazer, just like any other vehicle, are supply chain issues, economic downfalls, and lack of enthusiasm from the market because folks felt let down based on their expectations of what they hoped the Blazer would be. Chevy did not hit a home run with the Blazer and the market is basically underwhelmed by it. Keep in mind when I say this, I own a 2022 Blazer RS and I love it. I am 59 years old and I had quite a few friends in high school that had Jimmy's and K5s, so I remember the days of those old dinosaurs and how much fun they were. The market demand for the Blazer may very well pick up, and the 2024 EV Blazer (puke) may stir up some excitement.

I personally wasn't looking for one of those dinosaurs when shopping for a crossover. I was looking for a crossover and not an offroad vehicle or utilitarian truck. I wanted something sporty, stylish, and sharp looking, and I believe I found that in this "Blazer". I was actually looking at European crossovers and had my eyes set on a Range Rover or Jaguar F-Pace. However, labor rates on European vehicles are the highest around and I just didn't want that cost of ownership. So, I can honestly say, I settled. I looked at the Ford Bronco and seriously considered that, but it was just too utilitarian. It's a cool-looking rig though. There was nothing else out there that impressed me on the domestic platform until I found the Blazer.

My only concern is, this is my first Chevrolet. I just hope it holds up over the years and performs well. I've been reading horror stories, all here, about people's Blazers underperforming and failing in some way or another. I've had more imports throughout my years than domestic, and I've had very few issues with my past cars. Domestics always give me the chills, so hopefully, I can get through this one with just regular maintenance and little failure due to American engineering. But, nothing is perfect, and every manufacturer has a failure rate number baked into their data. I bought mine back in January and have shy over 4000 miles on it. Just getting ready for my first oil change... lol!

Anyway, I'm not bashing the Blazer, and I really do enjoy mine... so far. I'm also not judging anyone's taste or opinions about their choices. I'm glad this forum is here and I've benefited from it since I joined, so let's clink our mugs and toast to good fortune with this rig down the road.🍺
1 - 1 of 51 Posts