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2022 Blazer - Waiting on chip(s)

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We put a deposit on a 2022 Blazer June 4. It was scheduled to be built on 6/20. Received VIN and confirmation that it was built that week. Per dealer, it is being held up waiting for chip(s). That was 3 weeks ago. Is there any way I can get info on status?
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I purchased mine back in January and still waiting for my seat chips.
Yes, it does suck that we haven't gotten chips yet. We can thank our wonderful corporations for relying on China for things like this. Maybe one day, probably not in my lifetime, we can make things at a reasonable cost in the US and stop relying on foreign sources. One can only hope. At least that's the only thing I'm waiting on for my Blazer, a seat chip. As far as everything else about my Blazer, I'm very satisfied and have no issues thus far.
I understood when I received my local Chevy dealer's allocation for my 2022 3LT and configured it, the chip would be missing and provided afterwards.
What I did not realize was just how long it would take, for me it is going on 6 months, with no projected date, just I will receive a letter, my local dealership has no way to check a projected date also, so I am told. My real question is, this chip controls the total use of features that have been disabled since I received the vehicle, Will Chevrolet honor a 3yr or 36,000 miles base on the date the chip was installed, and those features are now working?

Thus, in legal thoughts, how can you be given a bumper-to-bumper warranty until everything is installed and working?
You're supposed to get an email from GM, not the dealer when the chip is in and to go in and have it installed. The dealer you purchased from should have a letter in their deal jacket that they were supposed to give to you so you can bring that letter in once you've got the notification from GM the chip(s) are in. If you do not have said letter, then you need to contact your purchasing dealer and get a copy of the letter so you'll be ready once you're notified by GM. That is how it's supposed to work. Your dealer won't know once you've been notified by GM, hence the reason for the letter at the time of purchase by the dealer. All of us that are missing chips are being dealt with the same way and you should have received a small discount at the time of purchase because the chip(s) were missing.

Legally speaking, you don't have the chip(s) and they gave you a small discount for that, so there is no legal recourse. We're all at the mercy of the manufacturer right now for the notification.
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A quick update...

I received my letter from GM today in the mail to retrofit the chips for my heated seats front and rear. I purchased my Blazer in January 2022. Calling tomorrow for an appointment and, hopefully, a quick install.
My Dealer is ordering the module that is associated with the heated seats, front & rear. From what they are telling me, if you have chips for the heated steering wheel and the seats, it will be two modules they order. Mine is just for seats, so they are ordering one. The module, from what they tell me, exists behind the radio. They would have to remove the radio and maybe other parts to get to the location.

Would be interesting if anyone else waiting for chips has been told the location of that/those module(s).
Yeah, mine said probably same day, too. However, they said they have a bit of a backlog and couldn't guarantee they wouldn't keep it over to the next day. I'm in no hurry. They won't get me in until after Thanksgiving, so I'm estimating a couple of weeks from today before I get in. Man, I live in South Texas, so I really don't even need heated seats and steering wheel... lol. I like cooling my ass more than heating it. My wife, on the other hand, likes heating her ass more than cooling it.

Go figure... :rolleyes:
I bought my Blazer 12/21 and did not get a letter also told GM would notify us not the dealer. I've made calls to my dealer and they keep saying they haven't heard anything. It's been a year, this is just wrong to wait a year and other people wait only a couple of months and already have there chip.
It's a shame these dealers can't get on the same page with the factory. I like my blazer, but I won't buy another GM product after this one.
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I getcha. Having worked in the automotive industry for 30 years, many times the dealers are at the mercy of the manufacturer while having to take the bullet. Not to say that dealers are all squeaky clean, but I do know firsthand that dealers can be canon fodder for the factory at times when the factory drops the ball. As you said, it's frustrating when you're just trying to stay on top of an already crappy situation and seems to be like running in quicksand. The faster you try and run, the deeper you sink. Sometimes it feels like communication is secondary while we're trying to make sense of it all.

I guess it's some consolation that we can find a place like this and compare our situations and share our journey with each other. We can stumble through this together... kinda. Sometimes you find out more about a company roaming around in this type of place than actually doing business with said company. It's a shame it's like that, but it helps open our eyes to see things better. I guess it could be worse though. It can always be worse.

Soon, we'll all have our chips and then nothing to talk about. That'll suck.
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