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2022 Blazer - Waiting on chip(s)

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We put a deposit on a 2022 Blazer June 4. It was scheduled to be built on 6/20. Received VIN and confirmation that it was built that week. Per dealer, it is being held up waiting for chip(s). That was 3 weeks ago. Is there any way I can get info on status?
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I spoke with my dealership's Service Manager. He said I should receive an email from GM when the chip for mine is ready. (apparently, they are custom programmed for each vehicle)
Once I have that email, I'm supposed to be able to schedule a service date with the dealership, to bring the Blazer in for install.
Got this in today's email. (part of a larger letter on the topic)
At least the world is starting to move.

We will provide you with regular status updates as we work toward timing for available parts. We have started the process of retrofitting vehicles. Once your vehicle is eligible, you will receive a notification from Chevrolet to contact your dealer to schedule an appointment.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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