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2022 Blazer - Waiting on chip(s)

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We put a deposit on a 2022 Blazer June 4. It was scheduled to be built on 6/20. Received VIN and confirmation that it was built that week. Per dealer, it is being held up waiting for chip(s). That was 3 weeks ago. Is there any way I can get info on status?
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We put a deposit on a 2022 Blazer June 4. It was scheduled to be built on 6/20. Received VIN and confirmation that it was built that week. Per dealer, it is being held up waiting for chip(s). That was 3 weeks ago. Is there any way I can get info on status?
The dealership or chat feature on Chevrolet website seems to be the best way to get info. From what I am finding it isn’t always accurate Information though. From monitoring other sites a lot of resources people used to help track orders were shut down or limited to dealers only. My 22 RS Blazer experience was 4 months from order and about 7 weeks from build date to delivery. It is missing the chips for seats and steering wheel. On the other hand I have a Traverse on order that was supposed to be built 2 weeks ago still not built.
I can not believe that they are accepting orders for 2023's when the 22's are still being built. they said that the production of the 2023 blazers begin in early august, I'm expected to get my 23 end of September, early October. fingers crossed.
They are doing the same with other models as well. There are a lot of people waiting on 2022 Traverses and they have started production on the 2023s. Some dealerships have received some already.
That’s great news. I heard they had started the retrofit on the Traverses but had not heard anything on the Blazers. it will be interesting the order they fulfill them. I‘d be happy having it before winter even though ventilated seats would be nice in this 100 degree weather.
FWIW, I received a similar email today.
I didn’t receive an email but happy to see things seem to be moving forward
No emails here...I wonder what the order they are doing them? Purchase date? Model? Location? I've got a 22 RS bought April 20 in Southeast Texas.
I wonder the same as well. Mine is 22 RS purchased Jan 29 built in Dec. I would hope they are going in order of purchase or build date because then the buyers who have been waiting longest are taken care of first and not something like location.

I’m hoping mine will be ready in next month or so since I already have to take my Blazer in for work then.
I purchased mine back in January and still waiting for my seat chips.
Same here. Purchased in January and waiting on seat and steering wheel. I chatted with Chevrolet chat and they basically said ask your dealership. Talked with them and they can see my Blazer has an order for missing parts but no ETA or anything other than there is an order.

The lack of communication is very frustrating and the fact that new vehicles are coming with chips while still waiting. Part of me is happy new vehicles have the chips so I’m not waiting for a chips on a second vehicle.
Bought my 22 Blazer in December and received email a couple months ago that the process was starting and would be notified when it’s time. Have heard nothing. I am going to be angry if I don’t get them by December. It is ridiculous to be waiting a year for something that the new customers are receiving now.
I have not even received an email the process is starting. I tried chatting with Chevy again today and they said it is being done in phases but wouldn’t give any additional info.They said the dealership has contacts on more information again. My dealership has been working with me but they can’t find anything out either. The process is very frustrating
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I understood when I received my local Chevy dealer's allocation for my 2022 3LT and configured it, the chip would be missing and provided afterwards.
What I did not realize was just how long it would take, for me it is going on 6 months, with no projected date, just I will receive a letter, my local dealership has no way to check a projected date also, so I am told. My real question is, this chip controls the total use of features that have been disabled since I received the vehicle, Will Chevrolet honor a 3yr or 36,000 miles base on the date the chip was installed, and those features are now working?

Thus, in legal thoughts, how can you be given a bumper-to-bumper warranty until everything is installed and working?
It is a frustrating situation for sure. When I ordered it was months before they made the retrofit decisions. I found out once I learned it was at customs at the port. It was built12/21.

I still love my Blazer but after driving a 23 Traverse that has all the chips last couple weeks it’s going to be hard going back to missing those features again.
A quick update...

I received my letter from GM today in the mail to retrofit the chips for my heated seats front and rear. I purchased my Blazer in January 2022. Calling tomorrow for an appointment and, hopefully, a quick install.
I’m glad you finally have been notified.

I still haven’t received anything from GM however my dealership kept checking and my Blazer finally came up for the “recall” and were able to order my seat chips. Eta Wednesday for the parts. Purchased January 2022. Still no eta on steering wheel retrofit.
My Dealer is ordering the module that is associated with the heated seats, front & rear. From what they are telling me, if you have chips for the heated steering wheel and the seats, it will be two modules they order. Mine is just for seats, so they are ordering one. The module, from what they tell me, exists behind the radio. They would have to remove the radio and maybe other parts to get to the location.

Would be interesting if anyone else waiting for chips has been told the location of that/those module(s).
My dealership was only able to order the modules for my front heated/ventilated seats and rear heated seats. The heated steering wheel modules aren’t showing available yet.
I was not told where the modules are located and didn’t ask at all. only that it is a quick install and would be back to me same day.
Yeah, mine said probably same day, too. However, they said they have a bit of a backlog and couldn't guarantee they wouldn't keep it over to the next day. I'm in no hurry. They won't get me in until after Thanksgiving, so I'm estimating a couple of weeks from today before I get in. Man, I live in South Texas, so I really don't even need heated seats and steering wheel... lol. I like cooling my ass more than heating it. My wife, on the other hand, likes heating her ass more than cooling it.

Go figure... :rolleyes:
Lol completely understand that. I’m in California so I like both. Heat in winter and cooling in summer. Mine goes in Dec 5. If it wasn’t for thanksgiving they would’ve done it this week and I’m out of town next week.

I did finally get a letter from GM today. It only talks about the seats and said may still be waiting for other parts.
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I eventually got the letter but after my dealership already knew and the parts were coming in. They could only get the modules for my seats and not my steering wheel. Even the letter said not all retrofit parts may be available. Took it in Monday after work for them to work on yesterday and they were sent the wrong module for my Blazer seats. Replacement part comes in today and should get it back tomorrow.

The most frustrating thing for me is the lack of communication from GM and that they are putting them in new vehicles instead of taking care of us who already paid. It shouldn’t have taken 10 months to get my seat chips and still waiting on my steering wheel. No idea when I’ll get the modules for that.
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I getcha. Having worked in the automotive industry for 30 years, many times the dealers are at the mercy of the manufacturer while having to take the bullet. Not to say that dealers are all squeaky clean, but I do know firsthand that dealers can be canon fodder for the factory at times when the factory drops the ball. As you said, it's frustrating when you're just trying to stay on top of an already crappy situation and seems to be like running in quicksand. The faster you try and run, the deeper you sink. Sometimes it feels like communication is secondary while we're trying to make sense of it all.

I guess it's some consolation that we can find a place like this and compare our situations and share our journey with each other. We can stumble through this together... kinda. Sometimes you find out more about a company roaming around in this type of place than actually doing business with said company. It's a shame it's like that, but it helps open our eyes to see things better. I guess it could be worse though. It can always be worse.

Soon, we'll all have our chips and then nothing to talk about. That'll suck.
Very true and well said.

I will say my dealership has been great in trying to get the parts needed and take care of me but their hands appeared just as tied on mine at times trying to get info. They were just as confused as me why other customers were getting their modules before me when I purchased mine well before others. I’m sure this is not the case with all dealerships.

I know I’ll eventually get all the parts and my Blazer will have all the features it should.
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