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2021 Chevy Blazer RS with LED headlight assemblies

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Hi all!
Maybe you can guide me in the right direction and I can make it worth your while.
im looking to replace the factory headlamp assemblies which give you no access to the bulb for a new set of headlight assemblies that will fix exact and take xenon headlamps and be much brighter. Nothing is wrong with my led headlamps. But if anyone can help me find brand new complete xenon headlight assemblies that fit and work on my vehicle perfectly.
I will send you FOR FREE my led headlight assemblies that came with my vehicle for helping me.
also, will I have any issues with this transition?
Thank you!
Chris Iacovetti
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From what I understand 2019 to 2022 Blazers all came with HID (xenon) Headlights.Starting in 2023 Models introduced the LED Headlights.
Xenon bulbs require some sort of basalt that I do not think is in the fixture. I assume the fixture size is the same as previous years.
I am thinking just go salvage yard and get the parts you want. These are costly. Nothing aftermarket is available yet that I have seen.
The type of light kit you have is going to depend on the trim package you have. My 2022 RS has LED because I have the Driver Confidence II Package (which has the LED kit) included with my Enhanced Convenience Package.

* I needed to add, I haven't kept up on the 2019 through 2021 models, so I'm not sure what trim packages Chevy was offering up to 2022. My comments apply to my trim packages and do not necessarily represent all those before mine. YMMV
LED was an option on our 21 RS....we have the HID's
Was it an option outside of the Driver Confidence II Package? What trim level do you have?
not sure…we may have the first package…it was pretty bare except for 21’s and moon roof
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