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Hey everyone,
I have a 2021 Chevy Blazer RS and have about 33k on it. I do all of my own maintenance and take care of most of the recalls.
So I was conducting regular maintenance on my vehicle and pulled the ignition coils out to check the plugs and the rear head (closest to firewall) had all 3 spark plug wells filled to the top with oil!! I was so pissed! I cleaned it all out. Those 3 coils came apart as I pulled them and had replaced all coils and plugs. Even though only the rear 3 had the issue. I called the dealer and they said there’s a tech bulletin on the head or heads for that issue! Wtf! I have an appt tomorrow. I had the service manager hand my ass to me for not telling him sooner. I didn’t know I thought it was a fluke and the spark plug seals weee good and seated. I will keep everyone updated. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pull your coils and look for oil in the spark plug wells before your warranty is up. A head replacement would be very expensive.
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