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2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer is the "baby Blazer" to slot between Trax and Equinox

The 2020 Trailblazer made its debut at Auto Shanghai, as a compact crossover sporting a lot of attractive design elements from the revived Chevrolet Blazer.

Early this year we learned the 2019+ Blazer would inspire future Chevrolet crossovers. Since then spy shots and official teasers of this "baby Blazer" have been been showing up. It's set to launch in China and believed to be U.S.-bound, probably slotting between the Trax and Equinox, but not likely to replace the Trax due to strong sales.

China has been seeing exponential economic growth and many automakers have shifted focus to them. Its been GM's second-largest market for well over a decade, allowing Chevrolet to justify launching 15 new products for 2019.

A Chevrolet executive mentioned that this baby Blazer is part of a "more youthful, fashionable, sporty and technological position" they're taking within the Chinese market. An available Redline trim builds on that with "an even greater variety of products to cater to individual needs and preferences” as seen with the black/red accents, 17-inch black wheels and overall improved sporty aesthetics.

It will sit on GM's VSS-F platform and might use some powertrains found within that range, like the turbocharged 4-cylinder engines offered in the new Malibu. So far GM hasn't addressed any performance related information but hopefully the Trailblazer lives up to the sporty and dynamic feeling it gives off already, and behaves how we're expecting a "mini Blazer" should.

Pricing is expected to start from $17,000-24,000 with availability outside China hopefully announced later in 2019.

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A bunch of automotive blogs are saying this is a test vehicle for the upcoming Trailblazer. It seems believable to me because what else could it be?

Quoted from motor1:
Just about a month ago, Chevrolet revealed an updated version of its Traiblazer SUV for the Chinese market. The facelift brought a major design refresh but a new set of spy shots hints the automaker is already working on the successor of the model. Unfortunately, this highly camouflaged prototype is not showing a lot and, in fact, it might be a just mule that is not wearing the production body for the model.

The rugged SUV will be based on the same architecture that also underpins the Colorado and Canyon. Not much else is known at the moment, but from the spy photos, we can see it will be considerably larger than the current model and will probably offer a more off-road adapted suspension.

The last time Chevrolet offered the Trailblazer on the North American market was about a decade ago but recent rumors indicated a comeback in the United States might be in the cards. In our eyes, such a move makes a lot of sense considering Ford’s plans to relaunch the Bronco and Jeep Wrangler's success.

The current Trailblazer debuted back in 2012 and is currently available in selected markets across Asia, Australia, and South America. The high-riding vehicle is based on the international version of the Colorado. According to speculations, General Motors is considering a significant $1 billion investment in its Wentzville plant to build a new body-on-frame SUV for the American market.

If reports turn out to be true, we are probably going to see more and more Trailblazers testing on public roads in the next months. Hopefully, they’ll reveal more than this trial car, which is wearing German registration plates for some reason.

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