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2020 Trim Level?

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Hey guys. I am driving a loaner from the local dealership and I lucked out and got a new Blazer! My family and I love it, but we cannot figure out what trim level it is. I am thinking of making an offer on it, but don't want to tip off the dealer yet. Is there any way I can find the trim level easily? I don't see it anywhere on the vehicle, owners manual, or even Chevy.com when I looked up the VIN. Help please!?
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They might have the window sticker in the glove box. Otherwise I'd say take a picture of the Blazer and interior and I'm sure we can probably figure out what trim it is. My guess is it's an LT if it's a loaner vehicle. Does it have a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder? That will help eliminate a lot of the trim levels.
To determine Blazer model and trim from the VIN, verify the 6th digit from left. Here is the list :
A = Blazer L FWD
B = Blazer 1LT FWD
C = Blazer 2LT FWD
D = Blazer 3LT FWD
E = Blazer RS FWD
F = Blazer Premier FWD
G = Blazer 2LT AWD
H = Blazer 3LT AWD
J = Blazer RS AWD
K = Blazer Premier AWD
8 = Blazer (Non-US, Non-Canada)
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I have a AWD 2020 Blazer with 3LT trim. The 6th digit from the left of my VIN is a J, which based on above would mean I have an RS AWD.
Another tool would be to put the VIN into a VIN Decoder (google search) and it should tell you all you want to know about your vehicle and trim level.
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