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This thing is loaded to the gills, and I LOVE it.
The rearview camera is amazing. Why someone hasn't implemented this before is beyond me; screen cost/replacement would be my guess.
I traded in a 2019 Jeep Wrangler. While I liked the Wrangler, overall, the Blazer is a 10, the Wrangler 4, at best.
Yes, the "video" rear view is cool for some, but I wear glasses to see distances while driving. Whenever I look at my rearview, EVERYthing is a blur; very annoying to me! What they failed to do is provide bright LED Brake Lights. Instead, we ALL have circa 1940 incandescent bulbs which are dim & slow-flashing on/off & can barely be seen at any angles. Compare this to 2019-2020 technology, MOST vehicles priced half what your Blazer is ... has at least, LED Brake Lights! I'm sure you noticed your tail lights & license plate lights are LED, which was the original intention in the 2019 design. Not to make you feel worse, the Design Manager vitoed the LED Brake Lights from the LED "assembly" & stated, they're going with incandescents. Did absolutely NOBODY any favors here. Don't think of replacing any brake or turn bulbs unless you know how to disassemble & reassemble the entire rear bodywork, mud guards & wheels on the Blazer, then getting all back correctly. Yes, 2 hours later PER BULB/1 each side -- knowing what you're doing!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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