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No, there hasn’t been any official indication or confirmation of a Blazer SS, but we hope that changes. Given the increased demand for performance crossovers, we think this would be an excellent addition to the Blazer lineup. Following in the footsteps of the Trailblazer, there is no better place for Chevy to place another Super Sport badge.

Previously Chevy decided to set the SS model of the Trailblazer between the base LS and top spec LT trims. On the Blazer, however, this could become the new top spec model meaning it could start from $50k. When compared to the buy-in price of models like the Range Rover Sport SVR, X5 M, Trackhawk and Cayenne Turbo, this would still be an appealing alternative.

Under the hood, it would likely again derive its engine from Corvette, namely the Grand Sport. This 6.2l LT1 V8 puts out 460 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. To help put all that power down, we expect that it would be AWD only. Other important changes would include, a lowered suspension, thicker stabilizer bars, a quicker steering rack, a limited slip differential, and a bigger brake kit.

The main question is whether Chevy can accommodate such a large engine into the Blazers platform, and do so at a reasonable price. Since the C7 is going to be replaced soon, this could be a new home for its incredible motor.

A track-ready, V8 powered Blazer sounds like a no brainer, but bringing something like that to market could be an expensive endeavor. Perhaps Chevy has done a better job keeping this a secret than the upcoming mid-engine C8.

What would you be willing to spend on a Blazer wearing the SS badge?
It is now August 2020 and no SS news - the easy route for Chevy would be trying to fit the Caddie Twin Turbo V6 - I would go for that. Or a Supercharged V6. I like the Camaro features but not the size so hoping the Blazer SS will come out of hiding soon. Edge
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