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no, don't trust the build site, because the build you want won't necessarily be at the dealer. dealer will have A model, at a set price (extortion) then if you want features, they'll hide it in your loan.
Other option is, special order the vehicle (which will cost you) and wait half a year to have it built to your specifications.

Or like most of us probably, buy what we like, then slowly, over time, add such features.
In my case, premium floor liners, cargo liner, splash guards, undercoating etc etc. If I had the dealer do it, it would of been an extra $3000 added to my loan, plus interest, over 7 yrs, your paying $5000 in the end.
floor liners front and rear $135, cargo liner $86, splash guards $88, undercoating, $6 a can, 6 cans.
So do the math.

Some ppl don't have a problem with tying features and accessories into their loans, but alot of ppl don't take into account what's it actually costing them. Only thing I tied into my loan with the 3M protection, and sadly, overpriced for what you get. You pay $$$$ and it only does the HOOD and the mirrors I think. that's it. No piece by the wheels, no pieces on the rear passenger doors, no 3M on rear bumper to protect it from rubbing when your loading/unloading cargo.

However! Ceramic coating!!! That's becoming popular and apparently a good investment.
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