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2020 Blazer RS Turn Signal Color

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My Blazer's front signal and side mirror are "Amber" colored, which I like. Is there a way I can convert my rear turn signal to Amber color?
I prefer Amber as to me it is easier to see and be seen. And other vehicles I believe I can see them better as well.
If I install a Amber LED bulb in both the existing Rear Red lens, I am thinking that would be more of a "Blood Orange"color? Curious if other BLazer owners have completed this? Thanks
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Yeah, the legality of it first, but you'd also have to have a clear lens to achieve the amber color. Outside of having to find an aftermarket taillight assembly, not sure that can be done. Let us know if you find a way and please post pics if you do. We are all anxiously awaiting your project results.
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