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Took my 2020 Blazer with 3.6L V6 in for oil change today at the dealer and they told me the "Camshaft Carrier" was leaking. They showed me on the front of the engine where the leak was. I could see there was some oil but had not noticed any drops on floor of garage where I have cardboard under the engine. The vehicle has only 70K miles on it. I mentioned to them this seems like low mileage for a leak like this. He pointed to another GM vehicle in the shop with just 15K miles and same issue - but he said it's not a common thing they see. Estimate to repair is $2500. It's out of warrenty. The tech suggested I could lodge a complaint with GM as 'sometimes' that works.

I see via google there is a GM Bulletin that includes 2020-2021 Blazer No: "PIP5755 Diagnostic Tip: Potential Oil Leak from Cam Carrier Gasket T-Joint area". This calls out cause as "Improper amount of sealer applied to recommended areas of cam carrier gasket T-joint area"

Anyone else have any experience with this type of leak. Anyone complained to GM about it with any success?
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