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2020 Blazer Black Wheel Skins Loose

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Good day everyone. Just looking for some advice. I just bought a used 2020 Blazer AWD. I noticed when I drive and hit a bump there is a plastic rattling sound coming from the front of the car. This vehicle has the black wheel skins that cover the original rim. After inspecting these wheel skins I found that they are loose and what is making the rattling noise. Does anyone have any fixes for this? All lug nuts have been tightened to the max and before I take them off and start to ponder a solution I was just wondering if anyone has an easy fix for this issue. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
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I'm not sure if those are available from the factory, but I bought some aftermarket ones for mine. They are attached behind the center cap with I think, a plastic nut that is hand tightened and holds them in place. Yours may have lossened up and the covers just need to be pushed in and tightened again.
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