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2019 White RS

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Hi! I purchased my RS on Valentine’s Day. I came across the Blazer by accident. We were at the dealership for a sensor fix on my husbands Silverado. The Blazer was on the showroom floor. We checked it out while waiting. I was in the market for a new car but didn’t really know what I wanted. As we were waiting my husband made the comment “you should go buy that Blazer and drive it home.” I didn’t really think seriously about it until he said it a second time. Sooo... I bought it and drove it home ha! I bought it without a test drive. They rolled it out of the showroom and I drove it straight from New York to Indiana. Oh, did I mention that we were out of state on a business trip? Yes, we are kind of crazy.
Anyway, I’ve owned it for three weeks now and I can’t say too much about performance or the way it handles. I’m not a car expert or anything. It drives nice and looks nice. To me it’s just a car. I came from a 2014 GMC Acadia Denali. So, I downsized. I can say it takes off and goes much easier than the Acadia. It doesn’t seem as heavy or as bulky... that’s because it isn’t. I do like it. It’s a nice car. I can say that I get more comments on it than any other vehicle I’ve ever owned. I watched a guy fall off the sidewalk looking at it while I was in the gas station one day. I just think it’s the first one anyone has seen so they stare, gawk, and really check it out. It was the first one I had seen and it’s still the only one I’ve seen.
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Welcome Indiana and congrats on your new RS. A lot of the early buyers of the Blazer will probably be either downsizing or upsizing from another GM. Wouldnt be surprised if the new driver in the family wants to take out your new sporty crossover instead lol.
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