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2019 RS blazer suddenly emergency braking

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Has anyone ever experienced this? I was driving in a parking lot and all of a sudden my car just stopped. Gas pedal locked, brake pedal locked, dash illuminated with "emergency action required" and the flashing red lights on the window. I had to restart the car to clear it and immediately upon trying to accelerate, the same thing happened. I was able to get it going with several restarts and took it to the dealer. They had it a few days and just called me to tell me my actuator has gone bad?! They are replacing that along with the seal (under factory warranty). I've had other electronic issues where the car doesn't detect the remote, I lose my infotainment screen with the "no SD card" message, but never a braking issue. I'm so thankful it happened in a parking lot and not on a major roadway. I would have gotten rear ended. I'm hoping this actuator issue really is the cause?
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a safety issue for sure...i haven't had any problems with my 2020 and have about 7000 miles on it...what year and mileage do you have?
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not sure what you do, but i have never touched the Parking Brake button....i never use it, maybe that makes a difference?
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