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2019 LT2 FWD - Love it!

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I have an LT2 with the 3.6 and FWD and it is far beyond what I had expected and that was a lot. Previously I had a 1994 S10 and a 1998 back in the day, both 4.3s with 4WD when I livied in upsate NY. Now that I'm in FL, FWD is all I need. I recently took a 4000 mile month long trip to NY from FL and averaged 27.3 mpg. That's calculated, not per the computer. That registered about 1 mpg higher. On the interstates averaging 75 mph, I consistently got 28-29 mpg with the vehicle loaded. Locally, putzing around 1-6 miles at a time I average about 22-24. The thing goes like stink (I also drive a C6 Corvette Grand Sport) rides and handles great and is super quiet. Before the new Blazer I had 2 Equinoxes (2010 & 2016), which we really liked, but the Blazer is in another whole league. Did I mention that with tax, title, fees and all the B.S. I got out the door for under $30K. MSRP was $36,340.
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Congrats. Welcome. My other car is an 18 Stingray Convertible. Owned previous generation Blazers and Equinoxes as well. Love this Blazer.
Congrats on getting your Blazer.
Were you considering anything else before deciding on the Blazer? Grand Cheorkee?
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