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2019 Honda Passport

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Honda just unveiled their newly redesigned Passport a week or two ago, and its looking to be quite a competitor in the segment. It is no longer a rebadged Isuzu like it was when we last saw it back in 2002. Its expected to start in the high 20's and will be sold exclusively with Hondas 3.5l VTEC V6. Honda does seem to be orienting it around off road capability.
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Who would've thought that Honda would be developing a more capable off roader. Sure has come a long way since it was last seen, but man does it look nearly identical to the Pilot.
The Passport will also be using the acclaimed SH-AWD system, though under a different name. That alone will help to take this midsize places that many rivals could not reach.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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