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I got my RS on 12/3- every option. Dont have many miles yet and I took my first real highway trip today and put 120 or so miles on it. No issues with the ride, acceleration, interior, etc. BUT I have already had freezing of the infotainment system and a wierd squeak from somewhere aft of the driver's seat. No similar early quality issues with my last 2 GM leased vehicles so Its a little jarring. Im really surprised by the infotainment issue because the system is used in so many other vehicles.
the screen freezed twice on me since i got it in november, 5900kms.
no big deal, turn vehicle off, turn back on, back to normal.
raddles, every vehicle has a rattle. most are just the interior. plastic, window, rear spoiler, stuff in cargo area, etc. nothing to worry about. when you notice it effecting performance or driveability, then start to worry.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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