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2019 Chevy Blazer vs. 2019 Ford Edge

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What better way to look at the Blazer than comparing it with another American SUV?

There's some interesting things to look at when comparing the Blazer to the Edge that this video covers.

- The Blazer has the higher towing capacity than the Edge (4500lbs vs 3500lbs)
- The Blazer has a sportier interior than the Edge
- The Blazer has a lower starting MSRP ($28,800 vs. $29,995)

- The Edge has the better fuel efficiency with all-wheel drive than the Blazer (Turbo I-4 cylinder, 21mpg city/28mpg highway vs. V-6 18mpg city/28 mpg highway)
- The Edge has more storage space than the Blazer (39 cubic feet with the rear seats up vs. 30 cubic feet)

What do you think of both SUV's when seeing them side by side?
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For any serious buyer the lack of history on the Blazer will have them look at the Edge. For that reason i'm waiting 6+ months.
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