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2019+ Chevy Blazer: Post Your Price Paid Out The Door

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Share your 2019+ Chevy Blazer purchase details. This is a useful thread for potential users as well as current owners to compare pricing and other information.

Please share the following details:

Accessories Added
Discount Off MSRP
Trade In Value
Down Payment
Price Out The Door


Lease/Buy --------------- Buy
Model ------------------- 2019 Chevy Blazer Leather
Accessories Added ----- None
Packages --------------- Sound And Technology Package
MSRP (USD/CAD) ------ $38,095 USD
Discount Off MSRP ----- $1,500 USD Costco Member Discount, $500 Military Discount
Trade In Value ---------- $0
Down Payment --------- $0
Incentives -------------- 1 Year Warranty Extension On Top, First Oil Change Free
Price Out The Door ---- $38,170

Hopefully, this helps everyone looking for the best price! :wink
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Not a lot of people interested in saying what they paid for theirs huh?

2020 Black 1LT 2.5L MSRP was 33K walked out at 27657 on 8/26/20.

Various Incentives and rebates

7 Free oil changes
2 free interior cleanings
2 free exterior cleanings
1 free hat
2 free coffee
1 bottle of water

Took about 2hrs total time
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I'm embarrassed to report that I got only a paltry 2.0–2.5% discount off of MSRP as well as the then-current $3,250 rebate off of very well-equipped AWD RS. This is the sacrifice you make for special ordering a vehicle, I guess. The upside is, with the exception of the salesman driving it to fill the gas tank, no one ever entered or drove my Blazer while it sat for more than a month at the dealership until I was ready to sign papers. I placed the order before the pandemic shut everything down and purchased April 18. Weird time to commit to a vehicle, that's why it took me awhile to sign papers. I certainly didn't want to take delivery of such a pricey vehicle if my employer intended to reduce staff.
I'll assume someone at least sat in mine, or at least went and got coffee but for the most part, I was the first. The other AWD and RS models had "test" drive miles on them. It's kinda what sealed the deal really, under 3mi when I took it for a test drive, full tank of gas already....it was as new as I could get. :cool:
First post, might as well start here.

Lease/Buy --------------- Buy
Model ------------------- 2020 Chevy Blazer RS
Packages --------------- Enhanced Convenience and Driver Confidence II, Dual Skyscape Sunroof, 21” wheels, Floor Liner, Cargo Package (I’m not sure what I’m missing)
MSRP (USD/CAD) ------ $51,280 USD
Discount Off MSRP ----- $10,000 (total) 6400 dealer, 3600 Manufacturer
Trade In Value ---------- $700
Down Payment --------- $2500
Incentives -------------- 6-oil changes/tire rotations within the first three years
Price Out The Door ---- $39,271 (with 5y-60k mile - Triton? Extended warranty)

I’ve been on the hunt for a new vehicle for a few months. After talking to a handful of competing dealerships, they told me they couldn’t touch this type of deal and I should jump on it. The Blazer had 5 miles on it when I test drove it. I was worried it was a loaner for sale.
I couldn’t be happier!
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2020 3LT model 3.6L V6, AWD. Black with Midnight package, Enhanced convenience with HD surround, camera mirror, panoramic roof, leather seats and all floor liners included: $36,500 out the door.
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Hope this helps others negotiate a good deal or at least give them a starting point...

Lease/buy - Buy (New - Jan 2021)
Model - 2020 Blazer 3LT AWD 3.6L V6
Accessories Added - None
Packages - Redline package, Sound & Technology package, Dual Sunroof, Interior Protection package, Black Lug Nut and Wheel lock package
MSRP - $46,730.00 USD
Discount Off MSRP - (-$8,930.00)
Trade In Value -
$7,000.00 (2008 BMW X5 - 71,000 miles)
Price Out The Door - $30,800.00 USD
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Lease/buy: Buy
Model : 2022 Chevy Blazer RS AWD
Accessories Added
Packages: Enhanced Convenience Package, Driver Confidence Package II
MSRP: $50,950
Discount Off MSRP: $1531
Incentives: $1250 (Customer Cash)

Not including trade or down payment.

They got me 3.79% for 72 months outside financing.

$1100 trade, $25k down, payments are $374/mo.
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I got 2250 off MSRP last april on a 2LT AWD 2.0L turbo
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