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2019 Chevy Blazer Floor Mats

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When it comes to protecting the cabin of your vehicle against the elements, one of the first accessories worth purchasing is a set of good floor mats. There are plenty of universal options out there to choose from, but luckily we are already seeing some custom sets from reputable brands. Availability of options will change depending on your budget, color preference and the level of protection that you are looking for.

WeatherTech has quickly become the go-to brand for floor liners. They have a huge catalog of laser cut mats, that are a perfect fit and delivered right to your door. A set for the 2019 Blazer is already available and will cost you $179.90 for the 1st and 2nd row. There are four colors to choose from including Black, Cocoa, Tan and Grey and they come with a lifetime limited warranty. The part number for these mats is 441080-1-2.

Husky Liners is also a well-known brand of heavy-duty floor mats and they have recently begun to expand upon their supported vehicles. They have not released a set specifically for the Blazer yet, but we hope that changes. They have a product line for every budget and styling preference.

Motor Trend has begun releasing universal floor liners as well, and they claim they are a customizable fit as they are easy to trim. The price is great if you are shopping on a budget as they start from $58.91. They are available in Black, Gray, and Tan but it's important to measure your floor and confirm fitment before purchasing.

Other noteworthy universal options include Armor All, BDK ProLiner, FH Group, AmazonBasics, and OxGord.

If there is another brand you’d like to see floor mats from or you’ve come across one not mentioned, feel free to share them here.

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I bought the mats from the dealer that are like the Weather Tech.....but are thicker. $192.00 delivered for front and rear. They also have "Chevrolet" on the front set. Worth the money, for sure.
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