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Thank you for the reply. (This is definitely something i didn't think about with a new vehicle but i guess i should of.) I just checked the level and the reservoir was low so i added some 50/50. Drove around looked again and it was low. There was bubbling on the side. Looks like the crease of where the two halves are connected is where its leaking at. Just ordered a new one. I'll post with the results.
Cool, hope it's nothing serious or pricey. So I'm new to this Blazer platform, I switched from GM to BMW about 15yrs ago. I really liked the looks of the new Blazer and after driving past a Nitro Yellow Metallic one for a week, I test drove it and purchased it for convenience and cost reasons for a daily driver. What exactly is it that is leaking? Radiator, expansion tank.... etc... Not sure how GM does their cooling systems now a days but my BMW's are very different from the late 90's GM cars I was used to.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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