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We have known for a while that the 2019 Blazer will start from $29,995 in base L trim. With the online configurator now live, we can dig a little deeper into the full pricing bracket and how it compares to rivals and other models in GM’s lineup.

While the entry-level model starts at a reasonable sub $30k, there is a huge jump in MSRP as you step up to the RS and Premier trim levels. The RS AWD starts from $44,695 and the Premier AWD has been set at a staggering $46,795. Loaded up with additional options we could see a purchase price that encroaches $53-54k.

When comparing the Equinox Premier to the Blazer Premier, there is nearly an $11k disparity between the two. It’s only a few thousand less than a BMW X3 and several grand more than the Acura RDX A-Spec.

Perhaps a better indication of price would be leasing rates, and those can vary from month to month. A higher MSRP doesn’t always equate to a more expensive lease. We also expect that GM will be offering all kinds of discounts and incentives to help maintain sales, as the novelty of the Blazer begins to wear off.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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