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2019 Blazer Malfunction

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I have a 2019 Blazer. A beautiful car but it began to malfunction at 9000 miles. Reduced engine power causing the car to stall - very dangerous. After a total of 48 days in the shop I have my car back. The dealer replaced the ECM (engine control module) the gas pedal assembly and some faulty wiring. I’m honestly nervous to drive it. Anyone had their ECM replaced and if so how’s the car doing now?
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By any chance, did you have the car scanned at any point or did you go straight to the dealer? I would ask them for any codes that the car was reporting before they did any repairs, and then keep those handy for troubleshooting if you encounter any problems in the future. They must have diagnosed what was necessary in this case, but if you have problems in the future it may be another component, such as a coil or sensor. Comparing the codes at that point could give a head start in troubleshooting.

If you don't have (or plan to buy) a scanner yourself, a number of auto parts stores (Autozone, probably Advance) will scan your car for free (and provide a report) in case that is more convenient than doing the whole dealer thing. You can google the codes to get an idea on what the problem may be related to. Be wary if they offer to clear codes for you though--you want to leave as much of the error condition intact as possible for the dealer or mechanic to diagnose.

Hopefully you are all set at this point. Keep us posted.
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