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2019 Blazer LT1 w/o navigation system

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Will a nav screen that I found in a salvage yard work on my vehicle if I remove my screen and install the screen from the salvage yard in my vehicle. The salvage yard shows in the picture that it was not damaged when the vehicle was wrecked. It appears that it has a sim card that stores the information.
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if you have a smart phone just plug it in and use Google Maps...or ask siri :)
if you have a smart phone just plug it in and use Google Maps...or ask siri :)
It seems like I am always forgetting my phone when I need it. Thanks for your reply. I just bought the Blazer
to replace my Genesis which had a real nice GPS built in.
For most trips, I typically use Waze or Google Maps even though I have the built in GPS. I do like how the built in GPS integrates with the displays on the vehicle and Sirius/XM traffic. I will often use if for long, planned trips. It is good once you've entered an address manually, but its voice recognition is absolutely horrendous. Possibly the worst I've ever dealt with.

There is no natural speech recognition in the built in GPS. Every time I give it an exact address, something like "I need directions to Eleven Jones St. in Timbuktu, Alaska", it will come back with something completely different. It's stereotypical sitcom bad... just not as funny. Even asking it to take you to a restaurant in a specific town doesn't work. If you are lucky, it will give you a list of the nearest restaurants but it's usually way off.

You have to go thru exact steps, push the button, say 'navigation' and answer the questions for state, city, street name, street number. I will typically use the app on my phone to enter the address and then send it to the vehicle before my trip. For quick, on the go directions, I alway use Waze or Google maps.

My issue with the Carplay apps is they don't integrate well with the manufacturer's screen. It's Carplay or the OEM screen. I do a lot of flipping between the two on long trips. I wish I could see and control XM satellite and the radio from Carplay. If you have unlimited data, you can do XM or another streaming service from the phone but I don't.
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Thanks for the info. I just got this vehicle and am still trying to learn how to maximize the features. I was just very disappointed when I realized that it did not include the built in Nav.
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