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2019 Blazer Engineering Quirks:

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The 2019 Blazer was engineered with latest electronic engineering, BUT... (1) why doesn't the capless fuel door lock when vehicle is locked? (2) While they designed tail lights & lic plate lights LED (very cool), why'd they take a step down in Technology, incorporating old fashioned incandescent Brake/Turn lights into the same unit? Further more, they're not brighter, are slow responding & dim, especially at any angle from rear. To make matters WORSE, to replace these short lifespan bulbs, the rear wheels, mud flaps & quarter panel bumper covers MUST be completely removed B4 the tail light assembly can come off the vehicle! This is not a do-it-yourself maneuver, thanks Chevy for the brilliant, modern engineering! How does anyone else feel about this?
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Hey @Bru Schmidt, never thought about the fuel door lock before but I'm with you about the incandescent lights. At this point companies should just make LEDs the standard.
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