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2 days in, photos and impression

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Picked up my Blazer on Friday 2-28-2020. Loving it so far! This thing gets looked at everywhere we go. You would think its a C8 or something. Folks literally stare. Below are some pros and cons during my 50 hours or so of ownership.

Gas mileage (averaging about 25 mpg)
Driving experience - Fun
Interior is really nice. Feels as nice as my 18 Denali that we traded in
Sunroof is insane.
storage space in back. Really roomy.
Sound system is really impressive (we do not have the upgraded Bose system) I was worried about this but no more.
Styling is over the top
Molded weathertec type floor mat systems. Love it. Was not impressed with previous GM vehicles with rubber mats.

driver area storage. Could use a better cubby hole setup for phones and such. (I had a Yukon, so some of this is unrealistic on my part)

Clearly we are still in the "in love" part but the Blazer seems rock solid.


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Very nice RS! Red really is the most striking color for the Blazer. I hope it gives you many happy miles (y)
Looks beautiful! Did you get the paint protection package? Awesome shine! :)
Looks beautiful! Did you get the paint protection package? Awesome shine! :)

No I did not get the dealer protection package. I am planning to have a ceramic "wax" done on it in the next month or so. I also plan to use Adams products to shine and protect. The Blazer is pretty as is in the photos.One car wash Saturday. I am in Wisconsin and its still a bit too cold to do much waxing or detailing outside.
I noticed people stare a lot at the front but not so much the rear.

Would be nice if a mid-production cycle refreshed Blazer received rear-end styling that took after the C8 more. To me, that would make it nearly PERFECT
Your Blazer is beautiful. That red is striking. You have a nice head turning car! I have a Blazer and I would stare at yours, lol. Keep lovin it!
Thanks! It is stunning in person. I am picky and keep it pretty shiny. With lockdown going on I wax it about every 5 days!!
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